Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marshall McCullen

In the movie that we viewed Tuesday April 14th about Marshall McCullen stated four main questions. The first question stated; what will this thing enhance? When I heard this it made me think about everything as individuals. Letters, numbers, and multiple other things are all seperate beings until combined with other letters or numbers. All twenty-six letters of the alphabet are singular until they are combined with another letter. Multiple, seperate letters, combine to make words. Words combine to make sentences. Sentences combine to write papers, essays, and stories. If you are trying to make numbers higher than 9 you need to combine seperate numbers to do so. The second question was what will this tool obsolesce. When you think obsolesce you throw away your actual way of thinking. You do away with the days and nights of a 24 hour system and think literal. If a light is on then it is day and if there are no lights it is night time. The third question is what will this tool retrieve? After the movie stated this question it stated that, "it is so hard for a man to look into the future because it scares him." What is unknown is not certain and that scares the humans that make the world. The movie also stated that electic media is a big part of question three. Electric media allows the whole world to know information from all over the globe. (Earthquakes, war, economy, gas, etc.) The fourth, and final, question is how will your tool reverse on you when it's pushed to its outer limit? When I heard this question I thought of a car. When a car is pushed to its outer limit, especially in speed, it begins to shake and parts begin to break or disessemble themselves. Another thing that the movie stressed, reguarding question four, is that too much of anything sweet will bring the opposite outcome of what you expected, and that "pushed far enough one become many and many become one."

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